Your Customers Are On Facebook When They Look You Up


Facebook is now a high in demand method of advertising, and even small business owners are using the platform to attract more customers. Not just to tell people about their services or products, but they can see all the activities and events that are being performed on the page. You need to understand the right time to launch a product or to plan an event for your brand. Facebook is the easiest and most cost-friendly option for new businessmen to promote their businesses.

If you come up with really engaging content, it will help you a lot to reach more fans and they will surely like, comment and share these with their friends and further expose the brand.

Use the analytical time

You should use the most analytical time to get the most potential customers which is usually around 1 pm to 4 pm with the highest time for reach on Wednesdays. Another potential time that you can use is before 8 am on weekends and also after 8 pm.  If you dig more into the insights of your Facebook page, you will find the right ways to advertise that will definitely work for you.

Turn on the messaging option as you are ready

You should enable the messaging option for your page and your potential or interested customers will send you messages as the queries of their search and you can respond to them in a faster way. You should turn on the message option as you are ready to respond but not at other times when you are busy and not able to respond.

Let your customers know about your business

There are some useful processes and through that, your customers will able to know they can message you readily.

You can set up the message button so that customers can communicate easily by clicking on that from their mobile or desktop computers.

Adverts of local awareness

You should run adverts of local awareness with the help of the call-to-call send message option and this feature will allow your customers to start a discussion directly with your business from the adverts.

Username of messenger

You can engage people to search for your brand or your business by the username on messenger. It will show up on the Facebook page of your business directly with the appropriate symbol.


You can use the messenger code which they can scan to open the message thread with your own brand.