Why Your Business Should Have A Facebook Check-in Program

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in this current age that brings lots of business opportunity for newbies of the business world. Different features of facebook bring a lot of opportunities to the businesses to promote their product and services on the platform and Facebook “check-in” is one of them.

Importance of the program

  • When a customer visits a place and adds that on the check-in option of Facebook, the name of the business is easily displayed on the page so the followers and friends of the customers see that. This is actually a simple way for the business to get some exposure.
  • Most people trust in the online review to buy or to have a service from a new brand or company. If a person uses the function of Facebook “check-in” as they visit a store, they are actually telling their social media friends that they are enjoying your products or service currently. This is a mode of free advertisement that also increases a great amount of brand awareness. It can work as the best endorsement policy for the user. This function can increase interest among the Facebook users about that product or service and result in more business opportunities for the brand.
  • Using the check-in option for businesses is quite an easy thing because one can do it only with smartphones. When a customer visits your business, they can find your business on the Facebook platform and can simply click the check-in button.
  • You don’t need to pay anything to enable the option and not another penny for the free promotion or advertisement of your company. You will get the free advertisement from real customers and since other Facebook users will trust them, it will gather interest for your business.
  • It is really easy to set up the check-in function for your business page and you don’t need to hire any professional or skilled person to do so.

How to enable check-in for your business

  • Get the admin access for the page to adjust the settings.
  • Change the category of your Facebook business page to local business by visiting the settings option
  • Select the exact category of your business like (café/restaurant/clothing store etc)
  • Add the address of your business by going to settings
  • Go to the box near the options of star ratings, show maps and check-ins and finally save all the changes

Now your customers will find your business to check-ins and will be able to post a review and rate your service so that you will get more chances to interact with new and existing customers and will receive more feedback on your product.