Your Inbox And Why You Should Care

Emails and Facebook Messenger are currently the most integral parts of business communication. Nowadays, almost every business-related correspondence and communication are done through email or the “Google inbox” instead of phone calls or face-to-face meetings.  This process is more convenient. However, regularly checking your inbox from time-to-time is one of the key reasons why you can waste precious time rather than allocating it to other important tasks.

Your Google inbox is actually a time machine that can help you to make your time more productive. Checking the inbox regularly and not responding to each email will also get you stuck and swamped for a long period of time, making you lose your precious time. Clients and customers need an immediate response and you can only do it if you care about such emails or what goes into your inbox. Apart from the Google priority inbox, there is also a Facebook “inbox.” Additionally, Facebook messenger is important to promote a business.

Why you should care about your inbox

Security and privacy

Messaging security and an encrypted communication are the essential factors why people are choosing the inbox of social media for their daily purposes or to meet the client’s requirements. Google inbox or Facebook messenger protect our important data or private information by not storing them on the servers. This means that only you possess the messaging history and only you will have the access to your private information. Posting business information on an open social media page can be problematic sometimes and that is the reason that businesses share such information with the customers through the inbox, such as the price of any product and the quote for a business deal among other things.

Utmost Speed

Since inboxes are not as overloaded as social media pages, they operate faster even in some problematic conditions, like crowded Wi-Fi connection or poor internet connection. At the same time, there are messaging apps that can be used to stay in touch with clients which consume low data and allow you to save money on internet data usage per month.

Marketer’s Heaven

The flow of information of social media is vertiginous. To control this, different social media platforms use different algorithms for filtering the content. The inbox of your social platform or Google “inbox” for emails, do not have the same strategy.  This actually makes the followers or recipients easier to qualify and you can reach them easily one-on-one to generating better results.

It is undoubtedly true that the inbox option takes the business communication to the next level and this is why you need to care more about your inbox than other means of communication.